Computer Science Video Lectures MIT,Harvard,Stanford ,GATE ,IIT: Video lecture on Introduction to Java

Video lecture on Introduction to Java

Lecture1(Introduction to Java programming  language) (Real Video, 203 MB):
This first video lecture is all about description of upcoming lecture and introduction about the course. This course is divided into three major sections ,the first is the basic of object oriented programming techniques in Java (i.e. about structured control, class,inheritence ,pakage,interface and demonstration of “Hello world” java program),second section discusses about common programming real situation  i.e. about I/O programming ,String ,Exception Handling ,Event based programming,GUI,Network programming ,Multithreading etc and in the last section this course covers some advanced topics i.e. about Component Object Model, Web programming ,servlets Applets, and also discusses about  object oriented design and UML design patterns.
Now lecturer comes to the point and focuses about how Java invented, why invented,
who developed it ,benefit of Java over other languages, how java programs executes ,
lecturer then compares Java with other programming language like C,C++,FORTRON,Visual Basic, Java Script, Perl  on the basis of different  parameters.
Lecture teaches about variables in Java(they are TYPED i.e. they must be declared before we use that) ,scope of variables and about primitive data types in Java and size as well.It also teaches about type promotion ,different operators in Java, statements in java,
Control statements and finally demonstrate Hello world java programs and factorial program using main() method  and Pro. Goddeau wraps up lecture by revealing idea how to define function and use of return statement.Download lecture now….


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