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C language Video Lecture

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these instruction given below-
then click on download link available at right top most corner of real Player ,
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Note:: Most of the lectures can be watched in Real Player and some of them
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Institute:Indiana University - Purdue University - Indianapolis
Instructor:Dale Roberts
Lecture1:First C program(demonstration) download
Lecture2:Mixing of different data types download
Lecture3:Video lecture on I/O in C (detail over printf() function) download
Lecture4:Video lecture on I/O in C (detail over scanf() function) download
Lecture5:Variable and different types of operator in C download
Lecture6:Recitation (assignments and solution) download
Lecture7:Problem solving using STAIR download

Lecture8:Standard control statements in C language download
Lecture9:Additional statements in C download
Lecture10:Function Declaration ,explanation and demonstration download
Lecture11:Different sort of examples over function and explanation download
Lecture12:Scope of function and variables ,parameter passing and storage specifiers download
Lecture13:Concept of recursion in C (explanation ,demonstration and examples) download
Lecture14:Positive Integers in C(its range, Representation in memory) download
Lecture15:Negative Integers in C(its range, Representation in memory) download
Lecture16:Floating point value representation in memory (examples and explanation)download
Lecture17:Characters value representation in memory (examples and explanation)download
Lecture18:How C's machine instruction represented in computer memory(great explanation) download
Lecture19:How C's machine instruction represented in computer memory(demonstration) download
Lecture20:Array in C (declaration ,explanation demonstration and examples) download
Lecture21:String and parameter passing to function as string (explanation and examples)download
Lecture22:Concept of Multidimensional array in C it explanation and examples download
Lecture23:video lecture over Case study and programming in C download
Lecture24:video lecture over introduction to pointer in C (very good explanation)download

Lecture25:Concept of call by address or reference in C download
Lecture26:Differnt operation on pointers (explanation and examples) download
Lecture27:Literals in C(very good explanation has been done and cautions) download

Lecture28:Library functions for string and characters (implementation using examples) download

Lecture29:Concept of Structure (declaration,explanation,application and examples) download
Lecture30:How to implement structure and array in function (great explanation) download


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