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Institute: Stanford University
Instructor : Prof. Khatib, Oussama
This is the best video lecture avilable on web to
know abc of Robotics .Lectures was given by
one of the well known Robotics Professor
Khatib, Oussama at Stanford university ,there are
total of  sixteen videos are available  for the student
want to learn aboutartificial intelligence and Robot
Lectures are available online to watch video and follow
course material according to lectures.It is not avilable
for users to download directly, however one can try
downloading from iTunes or Youtube.Lectures can be watched online in following of
these formats .iTunes |Vyew| WMV Torrent | MP4 Torrent |Youtube
Prerequisites: Matrix algebra.
Course Description: Course or these video covers basics of Robotics modeling ,
robotic design ,robotics planning and  control of robot system.Video covers
robot science description such as role of  kinematics in Robotics, dynamics,
control, motion planning, trajectory generation, programming and design.Apart
from these base topics it covers history of robotics,application of robotic in
real world and initially it focus over Manipulator science such as Manipulator
Kinematics, Manipulator Dynamics, Manipulator Control, Manipulator Force
Control and related examples.
For more over course descrioption ,handouts,assignment and course material
visit course website .click here
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For course syllabus and related details click here .For readers convenience
each and every lecture's transcripts are avilable as PDF and as HTML format.
At the end there are related course materials available as zipped file click here
to download .

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