Computer Science Video Lectures MIT,Harvard,Stanford ,GATE ,IIT: Download Operating System video lecture

Download Operating System video lecture

Institute: University Of Berkeley CA ,USA
Instructor:John KUBIATOWICZ
Lecture1.This video lecture focus on WHAT IS A PROCESS?Processes
and Process Control Blocks,processcan be uniquely characterized by 
anumber of elements, including(Identifier,State,Priority,Program counter,
Memory pointers,Contextdata,I/O status information)Simplified Process 
read more and download..
 Lecture2.This video lecture focus on PROCESSES AND THREADS:Resource ownership,Scheduling/execution,Multithreading,Single Threaded and 
Multithreaded Process Models,uses of threads in a single-user multiprocessing
system(Foreground and background work,Asynchronous processing,
read more and download.. 
Lecture3.This video lecture focus on User-Level and Kernel-Level Threads,
Combined Approaches,Other Arrangements,Many-to-Many Relationship,
 etc read more and download..
Lecture4.This video lecture focus on topic like:
System Concerns,Process Interaction,Competition among Processes for Resources,
Cooperation among Processes by Sharing,Cooperation among Processes
by Communication,Requirements for Mutual Exclusion,read more and download..
Lecture5:MONITORS:Monitor with Signal,Alternate Model of Monitors with
Notify and Broadcast.MESSAGE PASSING:Synchronization,Addressing,
Message Format,Queuing Discipline.READERS/WRITERS PROBLEM:
etc. read more and download..
Lecture6:PRINCIPLES OF DEADLOCK:Reusable Resources,Consumable
Resources,Resource Allocation Graphs,The Conditions for Deadlock(Mutual
exclusion,Hold and wait,No preemption,Circular wait.).read more and download now..
Lecture7:This video lecture includes topic on The Conditions for
Deadlock(Mutual exclusion,Hold and wait,No preemption,Circular wait.).
DEADLOCK PREVENTION:Mutual Exclusion,Hold and Wait,No Preemption,
Circular more..
Lecture8:This video lecture includes topic on The MEMORY MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS:Addressing Requirments for a Process,Logical Organizationof
computer,Physical Organization of computer,MEMORY PARTITIONING:
Fixed Partitioning,Dynamic Partitioning,Simple Paging,Simple Segmentation,
Virtual Memory Paging,Virtual Memory Segmentation,Example of Fixed
etc read more and download..

Lecture9:This video cousre focus on Characteristics of Paging and Segmentation,
Simple Paging,Virtual Memory Paging,Simple Segmentation,Virtual Memory
Segmentation,Locality and Virtual Memory,Paging in detail and its relevent
example,Paging  read more and download..
Lecture10:This video cousre focus on Page Table Structure,Translation Lookaside
Buffer(TLB's),TLB hit,TLB miss,Operation of Paging and Translation Lookaside Buffer
(TLB),page fault,Direct versus Associative Lookup for Page Table Entries,
associative mapping,Translation Lookaside Buffer and Cache Operation,Page Size,
Paging Behavior of a Program,Example Page Sizes.
Segmentation:Virtual Memory Implications,Address Translation in a Segmentation system.

read more and download..
Lecture 11: Page Allocation and Replacement
Lecture 12. Page Allocation and Replacement 2, Survey of I/O Systems
Lecture 13: Queueing Theory, Filesystems
Lecture 14: File Systems and Disk Managemen
Lecture 15: Filesystems, Naming, and Directories
Lecture 16: Networks and Distributed Systems


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Dear Sunil
Thanks for your comment.Your suggestion has been taken into account we shall soon publish video lectures regarding Software Engineering
and Information Systems.Keep visiting.

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