Computer Science Video Lectures MIT,Harvard,Stanford ,GATE ,IIT: Theory of Computation or Automata (video lecture)

Theory of Computation or Automata (video lecture)

Institute:ArsDigita University
Instructor: Shai Simonson
These lectures are very useful for preparing for
Gate exam however I have realized that these
lecture provide enough material for almost coveringevery
chapter of automata and hence making the best way to be self prepare for examination.
Lecture1: The first lecture of this course covers topic of ,Finite State Machines,
Deterministic Finite automata  ,non-deterministic  read more and download..
Lecture2.This lecture includes finite automata with Epsilon-transition(introduction),
uses of Epsilon-transition  read more..
Lecture3.This lecture teaches how  to prove  language that is not regular i.e. lecture
of Pumping Lemma,it covers topic  like read more and download..
Lecture4. This lecture includes topic like Minimization of DFA's, why minimized DFA
has great importance and related theorem ,example etc download lecture..
Lecture5.lecture includes context free grammar and language,an informal
example,Definition of Context free Grammar,derivation using grammar,
Leftmost and rightmost read more and download..
Lecture6.This lecture covers topic related to application of context free
grammar ,Parsers,Th YACC read more and download..
Lecture7.lecture includes PDA informal introduction,the formal definition of
PDA,A graphical notation for PDA's,instantaneous description of PDA,
related theorem and read more and download..
Lecture8. Context Free Grammars and Non deterministic Push Down Machines
Lecture9. More lemmas, CYK
Lecture10. Introduction to Undecidability and Context Free Languages
Lecture11. Introduction to Turing Machines
Lecture12Introduction to Decidability
Lecture13. Decidability/Complexity Relationship, Recursion Theorem


Lord Bharath Bhushan Lohray. said...

Nice collection. I noticed that some lectures seem to be missing. There is a lect_10 and then a lect_12 but no lect_11.

Also, lect_13,15 and 16 are missing.

Or are these just chronological order error.

gautam singh said...

here is a lect_10 and then a lect_12 but no lect_11.

Also, lect_13,15 and 16 are missing.

please load these lecture

shahid khan Yousafzai said...

superb and realy realy nice thanxxxxxxx a lots love u for this
sky swat pak

Ansh Jain said...

Username and password is required, while trying to download the lectures....

Unknown said...

Username and password only pops up if you try to download too much too fast. Download one at a time.

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