Computer Science Video Lectures MIT,Harvard,Stanford ,GATE ,IIT: How to download IIT video lectures from Youtube

How to download IIT video lectures from Youtube

How to download IIT video lectures from Youtube or
How to download any Youtube video to computer or any persistent storage
This step by step tutorial teaches how to download Youtube video .Well truley
speaking this is not a single step download just like other video over web.
Youtube generally do not provide facility  to download  video due to its heavy
traffic of user per second.This site has millions of hits per minutes ,this is
because of  being worlds largest video hosting website for absolutely  free of cost .
To download video form Youtube follow these steps and download millions
of video anytime,anywhere.
Please Note::: To download these video for free of cost ,one has to keen in mind
that the system must be connected to high speed internet otherwise connection
will fail to download video.
Step1:Downloading of youtube video is a magic which is provided by
Youtubedownloader which is a very small software that must be installed to your
computer here to download (3.08MB)

Step2. Copy URL of youtube video and paste it in box >> then click OK .As depicted below
After  you click OK Youtubedownloader shall generate related video file format from youtube
URL and then a prompt box would open as depicted below >>
As soon as dialog box will open for saving video choose location of storage>>then click Save
afterwards video shall starts downloading . Please be careful not to cut Youtubedownloader box
by any mistake till download is over, this is because it provide the necessary environment
for downloading to hard disk.This fact is depicted below >>
Disadvantage or limitation ::
Limitation of this method is direct download ,one can not be able to make use of
downloader such as IDM or Orbitdownloader or any other downloader and other thing
which is also not good is ,it do not provide backup of previous download as for example
if one video  is 100MB long and  unfortunately downloading fails due to some reason then
we have to restart downloading.

At last happy downloading to all.


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