Computer Science Video Lectures MIT,Harvard,Stanford ,GATE ,IIT: Download Video Lectures of Discrete Mathematics

Download Video Lectures of Discrete Mathematics

University:These video lectures of Discrete maths are delivered at  ArsDigita University
InstructorShai Simonson
 Here I am providing direct link to download all these video lecture 

that are very useful lecture delivered by guys from MIT  at ADUni .
Lecture1. This lecture introduces what is importance of Discrete mathematics in
Computer Science and and what kinds of  problem  of real life can be solved
with the help   read more and download ...
Lecture2. This lecture includes Boolean function,boolean function and boolean
expression,identities  read more and download..
Lecture3. This lecture cover remaining topic of Proposition and their related
theorem  ,translating English sentence  read more and download ..
Lecture4.This lecture includes set theory definition ,Power set,Cartesian
products,Operation on Sets(Union ,Intersection,disjoint set,difference
between sets),Universal set,set identities, read more download..
Lecture5.This video lecture covers function(introduction,definition ),Domain
of function ,Co domain of function,image of subset,One-to-One
 read more and download..
Lecture6: This video lecture includes basic  arithmetic and geometric sums,
closed forms. read more and download..
Lecture7.This lecture teaches how to solved Chinese rings puzzle
read more and download ..
Lecture8.This video lecture includes Recurrence relation (introduction),modeling
with recurrence relation,how to solve recurrence relation,solving linear homogeneous
recurrence relation with constant read more and download..
Lecture9This includes generating functions,Useful facts about power series,
Counting problems and generation functions,using generation functions
to solve recurrence relations,using generation functions to prove identities etc.
read more and download..
Lecture10.This lecture includes Rules of inference,Rules of inference for quantified
statements ,Methods of proving theorems,theorems and quantifiers ,the Halting problem,

Mathematical induction,example of proofs by  read more and download..
Lecture11.This lecture teaches generalized permutations and Combinations(introduction),
permutations with repetition  read more..
Lecture12:  This video lecture includes Basic of counting (introduction)
read more and download..
Lecture13.  This lecture continue previous lecture of remaining  more complex
counting problems,read more..
Lecture14.  This video lecture includes r-combination of a set with n element,
r-combination,Binomial coefficient,Pascal's identities  read more..
Lecture15. Assigning probability,Combination of events,Conditional probability,
Independence,Bernoulli rails and  read more
Lecture16. This lecture covers topic of The Pigeonhole principle,The generalized

read more..
Lecture17.This video lecture covers topic of Equivalence Relations ,
introduction,Equivalence classes   read more..
Video Lecture of Graph Theory...
 (Dept. of Computer Science Stony Brook University  )
 Instructor: Pro. Steven Skiena
These lectures are not down able  however  one  can  watch it online in web browser
because these lectures are very useful for studying graph theory in great detail here
I am providing link through which one can directly watch these video lecture
Lecture01.trees and connectivity Lecture02.Eulerian and Hamiltonian cycles 
Lecture03. Planarity of Graph
Lecture04. Graph coloring


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