Computer Science Video Lectures MIT,Harvard,Stanford ,GATE ,IIT: Compiler Design Video lectures(10 videos)

Compiler Design Video lectures(10 videos)

These video lecture of compiler construction or say language
processor is very helpful tutor for those who want to learn
how compiler works,what is principle behind it,how many
phases involve in it etc. 

Note ::These video lectures are available in both .mp4 extension and .ZIP
here we are providing links for .ZIP only because lecture are quite large in size
every lecture is around 250MB to 350MB of .ZIP or archived file only.
Lecture 1: Overview of Compilers, Automata, Regular Expressions
This video lecture start with very basic concept theory of computation which is
most important subject or say prerequisite for this course to learn .Thia video
covers overview of compiler designing ,application and methodology to construct it.
This first lecture covers topic over automata such as basic concepts of formal
grammars, Regular expressions, Lexical specification of programming languages,
Using finite automata to recognize regular expressions Scanners and Tokens etc.
download lecture ..
Lecture 2: Parsing & Context-Free Grammars, LR Parsing, 
LR Parser Construction
This video lecture includes topics over Parsing overview,Context free grammars,
Ambiguous grammars in details in includes LR Parsing,Table-driven Parsers,
Parser States,Shift-Reduce and Reduce-Reduce conflicts etc.In details it covers
topic over LR(0) state construction,FIRST, FOLLOW,and nullable,Variations:
SLR, LR(1), LALR parsers etc. download lecture ..
Lecture 3: LL and Recursive-Descent Parsing, Intermediate 
Representations, and Implementing ASTs
This video lecture includes LL and Recursive-Descent Parsing. In great details  
it covers Top-Down Parsing,Predictive Parsers,LL(k) Grammars,Recursive Descent,
Grammar Hacking,Left recursion removal,Factoring.It also cover topic over
Intermediate Representations,Parser Semantic Actions,Intermediate Representations,
Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs),Linear Representations & more.It explains how to
Implementing ASTs,Representing ASTs as Java objects,Parser actions,
Operations on ASTs,Modularity and encapsulation,Visitor pattern etc.
download lecture ..
Lecture 4: Static Semantics, x86 Lite for Compiler Writers, Code Shape:
Basic Constructs, Objects & Classes 
This video lecture includes Static semantics,Types,Attribute grammars,Representing types
,Symbol tables etc in great details .It also covers x86 Lite for Compiler Writers,
Mapping source code to x86,Mapping for other common architectures follows
same basic pattern, basic statements and expressions,Object representation, method
calls, and dynamic dispatch etc its remaining part covered in next lecture.
download lecture ..

Lecture 5: Code Shape II –Objects & Classes, Running MiniJava - Basic
Code Generation and Bootstrapping, Instruction Selection 
This video lecture includes Object representation and layout,Field access,What is this?
Object creation -new,Method calls,Dynamic dispatch,Method tables,Super,Runtime
type information,Assembler source file format,A very basic code generation strategy,
Interfacing with the bootstrap program,Implementing the system interface etc.
download lecture ..

Lecture 6: Instruction Selection, Instruction Scheduling, Register Allocation,
Introduction to Optimization
Compiler back-end organization,Low-level intermediate representations,Trees,Linear
Instruction selection algorithms,Tree pattern matching,Peephole matching
It also covers Instruction scheduling issues –latencies,List scheduling,Register
allocation constraints,Top-down and bottom-up local allocation,Global
allocation –register coloring.
Optimization:Optimization Goals Scope: local, superlocal, regional, global, interprocedural
Control flow graphs ,Value numbering ,Dominators etc. download lecture ..
Lecture 7: Introduction to Optimization, Dataflow Analysis, Optimizing 
Dataflow Analysis:It includes Initial example: dataflow analysis for common
sub expression elimination ,Other analysis problems that work in the same framework.
A sampler of typical optimizing transformations, download lecture ..
Lecture 8: Analysis & Optimizations & Loops 
This video lecture includes Dataflow analysis example –live variables,Loop optimizations
Dominators –discovering loops,Loop invariant calculations,Loop transformations
A quick look at some memory hierarchy issues etc. download lecture ..
Lecture 9: SSA, Exam Topics
download lecture ..

Lecture 10: Java Implementation –JVMs, JITs etc., Memory Management & 
Garbage Collection, Logistics
download lecture ..
Book referred: Aho, Lam, Sethi, Ullman, “Dragon Book”, 2nded (but 1sted is also fine)
Course  PDF click here


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